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Aphantee Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Ltd was incorporated in Nigeria in March, 1987 to provide total healthcare solutions and services in Nigeria.

The company engages in the importation, distribution, sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The company markets and sells a wide range of pharmaceutical products including Anti-malarials (GRUTHA FORT, METHERINE FORT, GRUTHA SUSPENSION), Anti-Infectives (LEBAL-500, SPEXACIN-OZ, APHOXNATE 625MG & 1G, WINCIP 500MG), Anti-Fungals (CLINIVAL-V VAGINAL PESSARIES ) and Anti-hypertensives (AFADOPINE 5MG & 10MG, APHAPRIL 10MG). The company has more than fifty pharmaceutical brands in its portfolio including ethical and over the counter drugs with presence of medical representatives, distributors and wholesalers across Nigeria..

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